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New S+P courses

Are you looking for a new course for your further education? Stay informed with new S+P courses online booking – impulse of the month.

Book your course directly online.

New S+P courses: On-site and online

Looking for a new course for your continuing education? On-site and online. Stay informed with new course + online trainings and book your impulse of the month. Here you can find our latest courses + online trainings for your continuing education. Do you have any questions? We will be happy to advise you in a personal telephone call or book your course directly online.

S+P Unternehmerforum is an innovative seminar provider for non-financial and financial companies. The S+P idea: Implement solutions without detours and secure opportunities with S+P seminars. Our mission: Create the best for your company with the S+P Tool Box.

Book new courses + online trainings online 

S+P Online Trainings bring your office directly into our course room. S+P Online Trainings are interactive and exciting. These are your 5 advantages:

  1. Live and Interactive
  2. Learning independent of location
  3. Personal and very close
  4. Exciting training with the S+P media mix
  5. No travel costs and travel time

Choose your online training programme! Convenient and easy with the online course form.

Your benefit with the S+P idea

  1. Out-of-the-box thinking with S+P case studies.
  2. More confidence in planning for the future and in the transformation process.
  3. Combination of information and discussion with experienced colleagues.
  4. Discuss advantages and opportunities of individual solutions with colleagues across sectors.
  5. No grey theory. The focus is on practice.
  6. Direct securing of opportunities with the S+P Tool Box.

S+P courses: You benefit from a strong brand that we actively protect and maintain.

The S+P idea: With the S+P courses you implement solutions without detours and secure your opportunities. 

Our mission: Create the best for you and your company with the S+P Tool Box.

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