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Steering CSR obligations

Steering CSR obligations

For board members and managing directors of financial and non-financial companies, sustainability managers, as well as compliance officers, risk managers and internal auditors.


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  • With the seminar, you will receive your certificate as proof of your expertise

  • Management of sustainability risks

  • Risk management: Controlling Sustainability risks

  • Corporate Social Reponsibility: Actively managing duties

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  • 9.15 am – 1.00 pm

    Management of sustainability risks

    ESG risks: What risks need to be considered in risk management?

    • Tone at the Top: Risk Culture and Sustainability
    • Correct assessment of sustainability risks
    • Responsibilities and role model function

    New requirements for business and risk strategy

    • Positive list: Which companies, sectors and regions may be invested in?
    • Green Bonds: A new asset class for financial companies

    CSR reporting: Implementation of SFRD obligations + §§ 289c, 340a, 341a HGB, DSR 20 and DIN ISO 26000

    Risk management: Managing sustainability risks

    New BaFin requirements for the management of sustainability risks

    Risk analysis as a basis for the management of sustainability risks

    • Risk classification procedures: Assessment of sustainability risks
    • Use of ESG ratings
    • Stress tests and scenario analyses

    Conducting ESG risk analysis with key figures

    Sustainability management: drawing up the catalogue of target measures and deriving the risk-reducing measures

S+P Tool Box

  • S+P Test: Is your management of sustainability risks compliant?

  • Organisation Manual: Management of ESG risks (Length approx. 30 pages)

  • S+P Tool Risk Assessment: ESG-risk scoring and risk-oriented derivation of prevention measures

  • 2.00 pm – 5.00 pm

    Corporate Social Responsibility: Actively managing duties

    Actively manage sustainability risks in the business organisation:

    • New tasks for the compliance function
    • New requirements for the qualification of the risk controlling function
    • Safely managing ESG risks in outsourcing controlling
    • Federal situation report on corruption: prevention with sustainability management
    • New auditing activities of the internal audit function

    Efficient communication of ESG risks: Responsibilities and Clarify responsibilities and interfaces for CSR reporting

    Control plan for the management of ESG risks: The most important monitoring and control actions

Supervisery Board Financial Companys
Supervisery Board Financial Companys