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Purchaser & Negotiation

Purchaser & Negotiation – Competent in purchasing
Building a simple and reliable supplier tracking. Actively negotiate instead of buying passively. Tips for the perfect shopping conversation. Achieve your shopping goals through consistent communication and negotiation. Reduce risks for your own company: We will show you how to assess the creditworthiness of your suppliers quickly and reliably.

Learn to negotiate with the seminar Purchasing
Use emotions in a targeted way and gain the appetite for negotiations. What to do if the negotiation stagnates? Effective Negotiation – 5 Proven Negotiation Techniques. We show you how to extend price limits by professional negotiation and see through professional seller.



Target group for the seminar Purchaser & Negotiation

The seminar is aimed at all

  • managing directors, board members, authorized signatories and executives from purchasing, as well as
  • employees from the purchasing department, technical director.


Profitable Negotiation Strategies – Hard Negotiate as a Buyer – Seminar Purchaser & Negotiation

Do you bargain as a buyer rather aggressive, offensive, defensive or willing to compromise? Which negotiation strategy makes sense when? With this seminar, you will receive techniques to be able to lead conversations as a buyer profitably. With the right negotiation strategy and appropriate negotiation tactics, you, as a buyer, keep an eye on your own goals.

Focused negotiation with the Harvard concept – how does it work? You get the necessary tools to be tough on the matter as a buyer, but soft on the person to negotiate profitably.


Presentation and negotiation techniques – learning objectives

With this seminar, you will receive the most important “rules of the game” for building and preparing your presentation. With 3 interactive training modules you can directly check your presentation and negotiation techniques and refine them together with the trainer. You will receive hands-on simulation exercises for sustainable presentation and negotiation skills and interactive training on negotiation techniques.


Purchaser & Negotiation – New ways to buy B2B – Using emotions in a targeted way – Successful negotiations maximize profits!

  • Effective Negotiation – 5 Proven Negotiation Techniques
  • Using emotions: Desire to win negotiations
  • Know the negotiating partner and see through the professional seller
  • What to do if the negotiation stagnates?

With the seminar you will receive solutions for the following buyer situations:

  • Negotiate with bottleneck suppliers
  • Negotiate with lever suppliers
  • Negotiate with Strategic Partners


Purchaser & Negotiation

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