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Project Management

Project Management

Successful project management is a decisive competitive advantage in all industries today. Due to the often high degree of complexity that exists in projects, it is particularly important for project managers to be able to act systematically, because management means: structured and agile approach to coping with complexity.



Project Management Methods with Srum & Co.

Agile management methods are used today in an ever increasing number of projects. This creates opportunities for more innovation and more marketable products, especially for innovation projects. The application of agile project management methods is relatively simple; internalizing the underlying understandings rather difficult. The statement “We work agile – we use Scrum” is not enough.

With our seminar series project management, you will receive the necessary planning, management and communication techniques to be able to implement an agile project management in the minds of the project participants. The Scrum Master as an engine of agile management is responsible for moderating this team development process and providing the necessary impulses. With our 3-day compact seminar Manage projects cleverly you get your equipment for agile project management with Scrum & Co.


Communication, Motivation and Coaching

The decisive variable for successful project management is pronounced social competence.

The foundations for this are communication, motivation and coaching: to enlist teams on a mission, to motivate them to make full use of their work, and at the same time gradually and methodically achieve the project goals and bring about change – that is the fine art of project management. However, as task, competence and responsibility seldom agree, leading without sufficient disciplinary power is the norm.

And this situation represents an enormous challenge in project management. Managers often face challenging leadership and organizational tasks. Here, versatile questions deserve attention:

  • How is the right team for the project optimally put together?
  • How does the leadership of the project staff and the team without disciplinary leadership function?
  • Which management tools are the right ones?
  • How are conflicts in the project team effectively solved?

Only those who can answer these questions safely and integrate them reliably into everyday practical life will, as a project manager, lead their team and the project to a successful conclusion.


Working in a sandwich position – what should you look for as a project manager?

As a manager in the sandwich position, you are the point of contact in terms of communication: project staff want clear statements from you about the project process and the goals of the project. You must also represent the interests towards the client and up. Their supervisors expect the planned project milestones to be implemented effectively and quickly. They often do not want to be bothered with details or problems. With our seminar series agile project management you get the necessary management techniques to be able to work successfully in the sandwich position.


Project Management

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