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Office Management

Office Management

Successful bosses know how important professional office management is for them. Behind every successful boss is a well-organized and confident assistant or office manager. The better your boss relief, the more freedom your boss has. He can devote himself to his leadership tasks and gains time for important future strategic topics.



Office Management & Assistance

Convince by expertise and communication! Do you want to fulfill your role as a “co-pilot” of your boss even better and be enthusiastic about new tasks? With our seminar series Office Management & Assistance, you can expand your specialist and practical skills and be able to face the daily requirements more calmly and confidently.

As an assistant, you are the interface between the company and the customer. The balance between the different partners requires expertise and self-confidence. In the focus of our seminar Successful as an assistant therefore stands the communication with professional competence and assertiveness. With practice-relevant case studies, checklists and planning tools you will become an important interface between company and customer.


Successful Office Management with Word, Excel & Co. – Seminar Office Management & Assistance

Successful office managers use Word, Excel & Co. purposefully and playfully in their work. It’s about the clever selection of the right MS Office functions. In our seminar series Word, Excel & Co. we have put together the necessary tools.

How can documents be made appealing with Word? You will receive the necessary tools to create and edit texts, to successfully use text modules, tables and form letters.

How can you work with Excel quickly and easily? You get the tools to analyze data and make it visually appealing.

You want to create professional presentations with PowerPoint? In our seminar you will learn how graphics, slides and diagrams can be worked out purposefully.

You would like to use Outlook increasingly for your communication in the current Office Management? We’ll show you how to properly organize tasks, appointments, messages and contacts.


Leading from the bottom up – Six strategies for successful leadership in office management

The usual understanding of leadership assumes that leadership is one-sided from top to bottom. In today’s world of work, the equivalent to it, that is, leadership from below, is becoming increasingly important. Employees constructively influence decisions and developments. The following six strategies will help you successfully in Office Management:

  1. Argue objectively and rationally
  2. Friendly and supportive behavior
  3. Form a powerful coalition with your boss
  4. Negotiate object-oriented, also in the interest of the employees
  5. Hook and show the consequences of the decisions
  6. Engage your boss early on important issues


Telephone Power in the Office – Maximum Telephone Power for Sales Professionals

Right question technology – Absolute customer satisfaction – More success

  • See objections as an opportunity
  • The 10 Commandments for customer-oriented companies
  • Professional rhetoric on the phone
  • 15 tips for a successful complaint management


Controlling Assistance – Seminars Office Management – S & P Seminar

  • Controlling Organization – How does it fit together?
  • Safe and fast evaluation of company key figures
  • Assistance and her tasks in controlling
  • The professional boss report: What is important?


Office Management

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