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Management Courses

Management Courses – Top informed about Future in sales and price management, Safe and reliable financial and liquidity planning, Business objectives fully in view – effective use of key figures

Management Courses: New positions or transferred responsibilities are challenges that make working life exciting and appealing. But it is precisely these new, important tasks that need to be structured and not hastily addressed. In order to assert oneself against one’s own industry, sustainable company management with a strategy that is constantly pursued is indispensable.



Management Courses – Top informed

  • How to build a closed team at the top
  • Faster innovation through better time management
  • How to get your team in top form


Choosing the right methods effectively and safely – Management Courses

  • Do you have a lot of responsibility in everyday life?
  • You often have to decide under pressure, recognize problems, deliver solutions?
  • How can you convince others of your choices through the right communication?
  • What is manipulation? How do you handle it correctly?
  • How do you resist manipulation attempts?
  • What set screws are there to make decisions safely in complex situation?


Your benefit – More dynamics with change management

  • Principles of Lean Management
  • Targeted use of lean management tools
  • Try new ideas and quickly get to market
  • What makes change projects?
  • Agile project management with Scrum & Co.
  • Sprint: How to test new ideas and solve problems in just five days


Your benefit – Controlling for Executives

  • Set screws of corporate planning
  • Controlling report as a steering instrument
  • Professional in the bank conversation
  • Liquidity and Financial Planning – Guide to Practice
  • More liquidity through active cash management
  • Compact entry: Fundamentals of controlling
  • Strategic and operational controlling: translate goals into measurable values
  • The three steps of a solid annual plan
  • Determining the key balance sheet key figures using case studies
  • Break-even calculation: identification of strengths, weaknesses and undesirable developments
  • Monthly reporting and early warning system

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