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Leadership & Communication

Leadership & Communication

Seminar Leadership – Communication – Team Development: Is there right and wrong leadership? How do I improve my own leadership and leadership skills? What techniques and strategies do I use to resolve conflict situations? What does the right guide to appraisal interviews look like? How do I successfully conduct a target agreement discussion? Which communication techniques are most successful? How do I have to prepare for feedback as a leader? What does the right negotiation strategy look like, depending on the type of employee?



Systematic Leadership – Success Concept for Your Leadership Practice – Leadership – Communication – Team Development

The 8 Most Successful Leadership Techniques – Systematic Leadership – Conflict Management: Solutions for Everyday Leadership – Leading High Performance Teams – Leadership and Communication for Project Leaders

Leadership culture, leadership skills and leadership impact are the key building blocks for successful leadership practice. The leadership seminars at the S & P Entrepreneurforum will answer the most relevant leadership questions:

1.How are the framework conditions for leadership designed?

2.How is the implementation done by the leadership force?

3.How does the leadership behavior affect the employees?


Live your own pace – time management for bosses – leadership – communication – team development

Put an end to the schedule and tempo routine. With our seminar series on target agreement, delegation and time management for bosses. You will receive management tools for a time-saving organization. Build up your own personal time management as a leader. More time for the essential is the goal of this seminar series. With successful and effective communication, you will learn how to moderate meetings in a result-oriented manner and to deliberately avoid conflicts.

Visit our information blog Actively act instead of just react. Meaningful time management with the right balance between urgent and important.


Appraisals and Rhetoric – Leadership – Communication – Team Development

Targeted employee appraisals can increase your motivation and level of performance. The seminars motivation – communication – time management and target agreement and employee appraisals will help you a sovereign appearance by the right reasoning and decision strength. Our Seminars The 8 Most Successful Leadership Techniques, Systematic Leadership, Conflict Management: Solutions for everyday leadership and leading high performance teams also help you confidently tackle leadership challenges and use feedback interviews and performance assessment as a management tool.

In addition, the seminars are setting goals – delegate – motivate, decide sovereign – lead better, leadership and personnel development, project management and leadership of high performance teams more seminars, which give you a detailed update in this area. Also in the seminars Leadership with system, leadership for project managers, conflict management, targeted use of leadership or training Professional Telephoning for sales you have the opportunity to refresh your knowledge. In addition, you can sign up for the certification course Communication and Leadership with System.


Leadership & Communication

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