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Leadership and innovation

Leadership and innovation

Target audience:

  • managing directors
  • authorised signatories and managers
  • Team leaders who work in sales, purchasing, manufacturing, HR management or controlling


Plus 19% VAT.
  • Fit & Proper with the S+P Certificate of Expertise.

  • Design of agile teams

  • Faster to innovations through change management

  • How do you inspire the employees for the change?

Program: Online training for leadership and innovation 

  • 9.15 am – 2.00 pm

    Design of agile teams

    How to agree on goals: The WHY technique

    Wheel of Change: Agreeing your goals in an innovation-oriented way

    Delegation of tasks: Roles and rules in agile teams

    The VeSiEr method – Recognising and systematically
    check them

    Successful feedback – constructive feedback for employees

    Faster to innovations through change management

    Communicate tasks and time frames with SOAP technology:

    • Fast and short-term communication
    • Openness: We want ideas, suggestions and constructive criticism
    • Argument: We do not make lazy compromises
    • Push principle: Get everyone on board

    Kill the stupid rule: Agile in the change process

    • Which tasks are really important?
    • Reduce complexity
    • Plan, structure and manage workflows consistently

S+P Tool Box for Leadership and innovation

  • S+P Leadership Tool: Successful goal setting process

  • S+P Tool: Agile Techniques for Change Management

  • S+P Test: “Check your feedback ability for agility

  • 2.00 pm – 5.00 pm

    How do you inspire employees for change?

    Your coaching techniques for agile teams:

    • Flexibility within structures
    • Improvisation techniques at a glance
    • Assuming positivity and making offers

    Lead teams to success with the SCARF technique

    Which five types of employees show which resistance in change?

    • Euphorics
    • Advocates
    • Pioneers
    • Sceptics, doubters, procrastinators, brakemen and resistors
    • Promoters

    Your leadership tasks in the coaching process:

    • Persuasiveness
    • Criticism and feedback skills as central coaching competencies
    • How do I motivate myself?
    • How do I motivate my team?
Leadership and innovation
Leadership and innovation