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Establishment of a secure liquidity management

Establishment of a secure liquidity management – S & P Seminar – Further education – Product No. C05


Establishment of a secure liquidity management – liquidity planning Basic knowledge

> Practical Guide for Building Transparent and Secure Liquidity Planning

> How is the need for liquidity reliably determined?

> Measures to control and improve liquidity

> Identify risks early with the help of liquidity ratios


Target group – Establishment of a secure liquidity management

CEOs and executives from the technical fields

Employees in the areas of finance, accounting and controlling


Your benefit – Building a secure liquidity management

> Requirements for short-term liquidity planning

> Liquidity and financial planning guide for the practice

> Components of monthly liquidity planning

> 5 key figures for successful liquidity management



Seminar Price – Establishment of a secure liquidity management

Price: 590, – £ excl. 19% VAT.

Included in the price:
Participants documents as PDF,  3-course meal, coffee, tea, Soft drinks and Snacks in the breaks




Establishment of a secure liquidity management


Your lead – building a secure liquidity management

Each participant receives the following S & P products:

+ Checklist: “Liquidity-all the parameters at a glance”

+ S & P Tool “Liquidity Planning according to Bank Standard”

+ Sample templates for liquidity status and monthly liquidity planning

+ Key figures for liquidity management


Program – Building a Secure Liquidity Management


Requirements for short-term liquidity planning – Establishment of secure liquidity management

> Liquidity status, liquidity planning and movement balance

> Daily, weekly and monthly liquidity planning and control

> Sample of monthly liquidity planning with plan-actual comparison

> Know and use the interactions of corporate planning and liquidity

> Organization of a successful liquidity management in the company


“Liquidity – all the screws at a glance”.


Liquidity and Financial Planning – Practical Guide – Building Secure Liquidity Management

> Components of a monthly, rolling liquidity planning

> The most important steps in the planning process: planning of deposits and disbursements, including investments and capital movements, determining compensatory measures

> Data sources and practical implementation

> How do I secure the company’s liquidity? Guidelines and checklists for controlling liquidity

Direct implementation in practice:
The participants receive the following S & P products:

+ “Financial Planning”. Practice cases are trained.

+ concrete insights for setting up your own liquidity planning.


5 Key Figures for Successful Liquidity Management – Building Secure Liquidity Management

> Does the liquidity structure of the company fit?

> Calculation of cash flow and debt service

> Key figures for the control of financing structure and corporate success

> Measures to ensure liquidity and improve liquidity

> Avoid major mistakes in dealing with liquidity


The participants receive the seminar price S & P product “Liquidity Planning”.

+ Direct implementation in practice: Practical cases on the most important key figures are trained.

+ Participants receive concrete suggestions for improvements in the ongoing liquidity management.

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